Giant Beasts in Saskatchewan!

Saskatchewan is known for its monster deer and hunters head there every year for what is, to some, a lifetime hunting trip.

Did you know feral hogs are becoming a problem in the Canadian province, though? Neither did we. Apparently they’re a growing concern and Canadian officials hope to get on the front side of management for the nuisance beasts before they get out of hand.

We ran across this story about the problem feral hogs are becoming in Saskatchewan. Apparently, it’s bad. Not a surprise that they can live that far north, either. The dang things are pretty hardy.

“If we don’t take some very serious action over the next two years, then we’re very quickly going to be moving into a position where we’re simply trying to manage and live with wild boar, rather than eradicate them,” Ryan Brook, a University of Saskatchewan researcher, said in the story.

More states are increasing efforts to manage feral hogs. Deer managers know they can root up a food plot and be destructive to the habitat. We hope the Canadian folks get some solid footing in front of these critters before it’s too late.

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