How Much Do You Know About Whitetail Deer Behavior, Patterns?

The patterns and behaviors of deer have long been of interest to whitetail deer hunters across the country, from their summer movements when bucks are in bachelor groups and does are dropping fawns to their actions in the autumn rut and survival in winter.

Alsheimer Deer and Deer HuntingIn the Deer & Deer Hunting TV episode “Whitetail Behavior,” airing Sunday, Aug. 4, deer hunting experts discuss exactly what they know about a deer’s conduct and how it affects your chances during a hunt.

The second episode of this season asks one question: Is it possible to predict how, when and why deer do what they do?

The Deer & Deer Hunting TV experts look at history and science as they work to answer this important question, one that can change the way viewers approach the strategy of the hunt. Tune in to discover how a deer’s behavior within their environment and with one another can be vital in becoming a better hunter and achieving more success in the field.

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