Hunting Outfitter Dies After Tragic Motorcycle Crash

A Wyoming man who ran a successful hunting outfitter business for deer, elk and antelope died July 18 after wrecking a new motorcycle just after buying it.

Barry Strang

Barry Strang

Barry N. Strang, 59, of Casper, had waited almost 40 years to buy a motorcycle and fulfill a “bucket list” checkoff. He did, finally, last Thursday at the Harley-Davidson shop in Lander. Less than three miles from the shop he collided with a semi-trailer truck after making a turn, hitting the truck and then being thrown underneath.

Strang’s wife was at a nearby retail store after their Friday “date night” routine. After dinner they had split up that evening; he to finally purchase his motorcycle, she to check on a quilt she had ordered.

Officials said his unfamiliarity with the new motorcycle may have contributed to the accident.

Strang and his wife moved to the area years ago from California to get away from the city life. He became a rancher and outfitter, running Strang and Son Quality Outfitters in Casper. He and his son guided for elk, deer and antelope in one of the most gorgeous areas of Wyoming, and one of the best for antelope and deer.

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