Is a Shotgun or Rifle Best for Hunting Drones?

One drone flying overhead might not provide a great target-rich environment to test whether a shotgun or rifle would be the best firearm, but it’s a start.

DroneMaybe an AR rifle with a multi-round magazine and holographic sight? Yep, and on semi-automatic (and you anti-gun goobers realize semi-auto and full auto are different things, right? Right?) with good optics, you should be able to perforate a drone several times before it flutters to the ground.

With a shotgun, though, and maybe some buckshot the devastation would be more spectacular. Depending on the altitude of the drone, of course. But at treetop level, a round or two of buckshot could result in a shower of drone guts.

Why the curiosity? Because the good Colorado folks living in Deer Trail are considering issuing “Drone Hunting Permits” along with establishing an anti-drone ordinance. They’re even considering bounties for drones. Sweet.

They say it’s largely symbolic and a reminder that they don’t want anyone using drones to watch Americans going about their daily lives. This definitely is a good reminder to the government, and considering the recent anti-gun legislation in Colorado and the way it was ramrodded through, sounds like the folks in Deer Trail have had enough.

Just let us know where and when we can apply for a Drone Hunting Permit. Hopefully there won’t be any kind of draw or preference point system.