Hey, we wanted to thank our loyal followers so we’ve started this great new program and here’s why it’s awesome!

We’ve created the ShopDeerHunting VIP Program to help you save money on hunting items, get notices about sales or discounts before anyone else, and other cool stuff!

Another cool thing about it is the  ShopDeerHunting VIP Program membership is FREE! That’s right, it’s free, as in nada, zilch, zippo. It doesn’t cost anything to join!

Once you join, you’ll get 20 percent off the first order you make at for items ranging from cookbooks and hunting clothing to some great in-field accessories picked by our Deer & Deer Hunting staff. Twenty percent is a great savings, especially if you’re picking up some Smokey’s gland lure, Christmas gifts or D&DH-branded t-shirts!

Membership also includes these benefits:

  • 5 percent off all future orders
  • 40 percent off all digital downloads
  • 50 percent off Deer & Deer Hunting digital subscription (coming soon)
  • Free access to select digital downloads
  • VIP-only discounts and offers – an exclusive!
  • Special Notification before anyone else about sales and select products

Becoming a ShopDeerHunting VIP member is so easy – become a member – that all it takes is a couple of clicks, the membership is in your shopping cart, you check out and then you start saving immediately!

By immediately, we mean right then! Your 20 percent discount code will be included in your confirmation e-mail!

CLICK HERE to sign up and become a ShopDeerHunting VIP today!.

Note: Benefits of the SDH VIP program are subject to change at any time without notice.