Lower Your Poundage, Improve Your Odds When Bowhunting Whitetails

With deer seasons opening in some states already and on the verge in most others, some hunters are fine-tuning their final preparations before heading to the woods.

Jack Wallace big buckBowhunters, especially, seem to sometimes be a little OCD about their gear and routines. But that’s fine, because the challenge of shooting a buck or doe with a vertical bow, be it a trad bow or compound, is one of the toughest things to do. Practice and confidence are paramount.

Check out this great tip from Mathews pro staffer Jack Wallace II as you make plans for bowseason:

You hear about many folks who crank their poundage up higher during bow season because they want more speed and energy. I do exactly the opposite.

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During my 3-D tournament season, I shoot 100 arrows a day at a higher poundage. I’m shooting special types of arrows for specific reasons. But when the hunting season rolls around, I lower my bow’s draw weight about five pounds.

Why? First, I’m not shooting nearly as much. Also, I know that when the moment of truth arrives to draw and shoot at a Pope and Young whitetail, I might have been sitting for Jack Wallace IIhours, it might be very cold, and I could feel stiff or out of position.

What if that animal comes from that not-so-perfect direction? How awful would it be to not be able to draw your bow? Or not draw in a fast, smooth fashion without all that over-your-head pulling, twisting, grunting and movement? We all know someone who has been there and lost an opportunity.

The most important thing is placing an arrow accurately where you want. Having a bow with a slightly lower draw weight for that moment could be the key to help you get drawn and make a shot with better form and execution.

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