Maximize Your Opportunities When Hunting the Whitetail Rut

Knowing that rutting is on the horizon is like knowing your birthday is right around the corner for a hunter.

In this week’s episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, airing on NBC Sports Outdoors, experts share their thoughts on this year’s Southern rut.


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For the second year in a row, Deer & Deer Hunting TV goes the extra mile to prepare hunters for a successful season with its Southern rut predictions. In this episode, deer hunting experts aim to make viewers aware that the rut is more than just a date on a calendar.

To find ultimate success in whitetail deer hunting, D&DH TV breaks down how to best predict when and where rutting will occur throughout the Southern region.

Attention to detail is a must all throughout the South since rutting activity is based on when the does drop their fawns. While it is possible to hunt rutting deer in the South all season due to the many sub species of deer, gaining an understanding of the Southern rut can give hunters the edge when they step into the woods. Tune in to find out how to utilize this information to successfully tag a prize buck this season.

Viewers can catch all the predictions when the show airs Sunday on NBC Sports Outdoors  at 9:30 EDT/8:30 CT.

From the publishers of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, Deer & Deer Hunting TV launched in July 2005. D&DH TV is a departure from most as it showcases deer hunting strategy, equipment and trends that will entertain while making viewers better hunters, no matter the skill level. Deer & Deer Hunting is a division of F+W Media, Inc.

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