Meat Eater vs. A Vegan

Steven Rinella of MeatEater, a popular television show on Sportsman Channel, encountered a question from a vegan during a recent book signing and Q&A session.

Rinella was promoting his book “Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter,” during a stop at a Greenlight Bookstore Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This is typical of book authors … have a meet-and-greet, maybe answer a few questions, sign some books and hang with the good folks who want a signed copy or may be in the store chillin’ out.

Rinella was posed the question he gets often: Why do you kill animals and how do you justify it? That’s paraphrasing the unidentified man’s question, but it’s the gist of it and is one that anti-hunters, vegans and even some non-hunters who are just curious often ask hunters.

Sometimes, we – the hunters – don’t have a really good answer other than “Because” or “Because we can” or “Because I want to” or something else similarly insipid. Think about it. If you were asked the question above, how would you respond? Do you have an answer, something rational and worthwhile, to provide? Because “Just because I can” is more of a middle school nanny-nanny boo boo kind of response, and isn’t good enough.

We like Rinella’s answer. We like the fact he and this man had a civil conversation, or discussion, without it blowing up into theatrics and hysterics. We like the fact Rinella posted the video and also the man’s pamphlet, which was a PeTA “starter kit” and featured, in Rinella’s words, “noted intellectual Pamela Anderson” and her thoughts.

Rinella’s answer kind of makes you think a little bit, too, doesn’t it? I mean, if we – we, being us, mankind – are hardwired to hunt for protein-rich food, going against our genetic makeup is somewhat of a new (relatively speaking) and strange notion.

What do you think about Rinella’s answer and thoughts? Check out the video and then let us know what you think.


One thought on “Meat Eater vs. A Vegan

  1. Everyday Hunter

    Rinella is the most thoughtful, articulate, non-confrontational and effective spokesperson for our sport to come along in recent years. He knows just what it takes to disarm the enemies of hunting. The basic question for the anti-hunters is “Why are we different?” They cannot answer that. For eons man has been a hunter, and the top of the food chain. To end that relationship between man and other species is to cut ourselves off from our history.