Nicole McClain: Diva, Deer Hunter, Dynamo


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Her outfit, hair and makeup might indicate she’s ready for a night on the town, but Nicole’s thoughts are never far from a therapeutic vigil 20 feet off the ground in a sprawling oak tree.

“They say Geminis are like Yin and Yang. Whether all that zodiac stuff is just fun fodder, it’s a dead ringer for me. I’ll wear high heels and suits but my boots are always in the backseat.

"I can glam up for a photo shoot on Wednesday but sure enough by Saturday I’ll be layered in camo smelling like acorns with a trace of doe pee on my trail. I like fast cars and city lights but I love being in the country.

"This picture was taken down in Baton Rouge, La. They told me to stay away from the trees and the grass. Something about fire ants eating me alive? Sounded like a challenge to me so I marched on over there.

"Those damn things are meaner than a junkyard dog — I’m still blistering and scratching. I have many a question for God if I make it up there — fire ants will be one of them.” Follow Nicole on Facebook!