Nicole McClain: Diva, Deer Hunter, Dynamo


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The 34-year-old Cleveland native exudes beauty and grace, but don’t let that fool you: She’s a monster in the gym and has mingled with UFC fighters like Brock Lesnar — at one point in her fitness modeling career she was recorded bench-pressing 270 pounds on decline.

“I’ve never tried any drugs in my life — ever — not even smoking, and I made that decision at a very young age. My personality is one that either goes all out and sets things on fire, or says, ‘No thanks, I’ve broken that arm enough times already.’

"That kind of mindset can be really fun, but also get you into some serious shenanigans. I know myself. I know I don’t want to go there.

"Sadly, I’ve lost friends and loved ones to addiction. That pain lingers. I give thanks to God for steering my ship a different direction.”

Her favorite supplements? Contact her directly on Facebook – there were too many to list!

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