Nicole McClain: Diva, Deer Hunter, Dynamo


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“I became intoxicated by the opportunities of the outdoors at a young age,” Nicole McClain admits.

“I was an impressionable little whip. I’m the youngest of three, the only girl. My father, a soft-spoken but confident Vietnam vet corralled me under his parental wing and introduced me to fishing when I was a little girl.

"Dad taught me, ‘You catch it, you clean it.’ This also meant I’d bait my own line and take off what I reeled in.

"I didn’t know it then, but this would become my metaphor for life. There are no handouts. No one will pass a test for you. Work for what you want and you’ll get what you earn. If you get help, great, but don’t expect people to do things for you. I still get scowls for carrying heavy boxes down the stairs or moving furniture myself!”

McClain is seen here readying a ladder stand in anticipation of another fantastic rut-time hunt.

“The only time you don’t rely on yourself is when you need to rely on God — and that relationship should be like a trike with a sidecar.” Check out Nicole's website!