Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent Joins Deer & Deer Hunting Free-for-All!


Ted Nugent and Deer & Deer Hunting

The Motor City Madman hashes out all things deer every Friday on his new blog – exclusively on Deer & Deer Hunting. (photo copyright Ted Nugent)

By Ted Nugent

A warm glowing all American BloodBrother backstrap campfire roar to my fellow Deer & Deer Hunting family. And what a family it is, wouldn’t you say! If you are reading this there is a dang good chance we all share the very special spiritual addiction to our all-powerful reasoning predator instinct to kill our own food and pursue our American Dream happiness beyond the pavement in search of the mighty herbivores that provide us immeasurable quality of life. Ya think! I am very proud to stand shoulder to shoulder spirit to spirit with Dan Schmidt and all the killer writers and readers at D&DH magazine.

There is genuine sport and genuine challenge in every imaginable way, shape and form out there, but deerhunting is indeed our lifestyle. I have been addicted for my entire 65 years, and I look forward to celebrating this amazing positive glow with you all here. I also look forward to communicating with you directly here and working together to upgrade everything surrounding this perfect lifestyle in every way.

In my inexhaustible rock-n-roll touring for more than 50 years, I have been so very fortunate to meet with great hardcore hunting families across the land. We’re talking more than 6,400 rockouts which translates into more than 6,400 hunter meetings! How killer cool is that! Add to this incredible unprecedented connection with the best of the best my tens of thousands of radio talkshow communications with yet more hunters, the 1000s of campfires shared and you come away with as accurate a pulse with the hunting lifestyle that is possible in a lifetime.

“In that pursuit of happiness is my pursuit of backstraps.”


So when I draw a conclusion from my own 65 years of nonstop hunting as corroborated by so many other BloodBrother souls, I am absolutely certain that common sense is alive and well. It is here on deeranddeerhunting.com that I will share with you weekly.

Such fun!

If you’re not having fun with me, you’re weird!! Godbless the deerhunters, Godbless deer and deerhunting and Godspeed the Great Spirit of the Wild.

Be safe, good hunting, backstrap BloodBrothers,
Ted Nugent and family
For more Ted go to TedNugent.com


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