One of the Mysteries of Whitetails Gets a Closer Look on DDH TV

In 1847, German biologist Carl Bergmann illustrated a pattern in which larger-sized species of animals are typically found in colder environments while species of a smaller size reside in warmer areas.

Anticosti Island is a destination for whitetail deer hunters and biologists studying Bergmann's Rule.

Anticosti Island is a destination for whitetail deer hunters and biologists studying Bergmann’s Rule.

This came to be known as Bergmann’s Rule and has been studied, examined and debated for more than 160 years. Generally, whitetail deer fall under this rule, but on this week’s Deer & Deer Hunting TV, hunting experts look to prove that there are always exceptions to Bergmann’s Rule.

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 What factors into an animal’s ability to grow larger or adapt to an environment? In this week’s episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, viewers learn that America’s greatest game animal can adapt to its environment even if it has been relocated to other climates, effectively offering up a contradiction to Bergmann’s Rule.

To further examine this fascinating biological aspect, the D&DH TV cameras head to Canada’s famed Anticosti Island to witness a hunt of the sub species of whitetail deer that inhabit the area. Anticosti Island is in Quebec and at the outlet of the Saint Lawrence River in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Deer were introduced in the late 1800s by a private owner of the island; the deer thrived and today number in the thousands, helping attract hunters, tourists and researchers to Anticosti Island.

One thing the study there is Bergmann’s Rule and how these deer relate to it. They’re not native. Have they adapted and become big-bodied or are they “regular” sized deer? Tune in to discover how these whitetail are able to thrive in the hostile environment with and without human interaction.

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