Record Book Whitetail Bucks are Head-Turners

For only the fourth time in 15 years, whitetail deer hunters in South Carolina can find out about state records through the complete listing from the state’s wildlife agency.

Danny Dillard of Easley with three of his record book South Carolina bucks.

Danny Dillard of Easley with three of his record book South Carolina bucks.

The complete listing of South Carolina’s antler records is now available to the public online at this link on the S.C. Department of Natural Resources site.

Although summary information has been available annually, this is only the fourth time since 1998 that the complete listing of all antler records has been available, according to Charles Ruth, SCDNR’s deer and wild turkey program coordinator.

The Antler Records Program was initiated in the spring of 1974, and since that time, 6,168 sets of antlers (5,936 typical and 232 non-typical) have been officially entered into the list. Initially, scoring sessions were only conducted a few times each spring but since 1987, antler scoring sessions have been scheduled throughout the state with approximately 12 sessions occurring annually.

Each year SCDNR staff members score approximately 500 sets of antlers. Only about 25 percent of the antlers scored make the Antler Records List, according to Ruth.

The first Records of South Carolina White-tailed Deer was published in 1998, and 10 updates have been published on an annual or semi-annual basis, including the latest new entries and the top 100 typical and top 50 nontypical entries from the all-time List. The new online publication represents the complete listing of all typical and nontypical entries on file through spring 2013.

It is only available on SCDNR’s website because the size of the document makes printed copies too expensive.

Current minimum scores for the South Carolina Antler Records List are 125 typical points and 145 non-typical points. All antlers must undergo a minimum 60-day drying period before they can be officially measured and a fair-chase statement must be signed for all hunter killed deer.

If a set of antlers meets the minimum score the record is added to the list and a certificate is issued recognizing the outstanding white-tailed deer taken in South Carolina.



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