Skinny Supply of Fat Turkeys? Eat Mo’ Venison

Apparently the good folks at Butterball are having a wee bit of a problem this year providing their plus-sized turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving runway experience.

turkeyThe company provides about 1.3 million pounds of turkey each year. For the frozen gobblers consumed during the holidays, that includes birds big and small. Big ones, of course, harken to the greatest Christmas movie ever made, “A Christmas Story,” and Ralphie’s poor father getting hollered at for trying to nab a bite of the unfinished bird and then seeing it destroyed. “Bumpusesss!

For some unknown reason, Butterball has a smaller supply of turkeys weighing 16 pounds or more this year. EGADS!

Supposedly, also, a 16-pound turkey can feed a group of six adults and six children. What? Twelve human beings and only one 16-pound bird? C’mon. Someone’s punking us, right? I mean, I can wipe out a leg, wing, thigh and gimmie the neck and back, too. Y’all can have the rest.

In any case, we’re offering a solution to this potential holiday downer: Eat mo’ venison! With the white-tailed deer population doing well in the United States, hunting seasons in full swing and great recipes available for a variety of dishes, there’s no reason anyone should have to fight over that remaining turkey leg. (Because one of ’em is mine!)

We’re interested in your favorite Thanksgiving venison recipes or dishes. Shoot us a reply below — chili, a grilled tenderloin and marinade, maybe a smoked roast or neck — and we’ll share it next week for the holiday.

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor