Summer Fawns and Bucks

Summer Whitetail Deer

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Deer molt in summer, losing their hair and growing a new coat for winter like this blacktail deer in Washington is doing. Sometimes, pests such as louse also cause hair loss in summer.

When things heat up in summer you never know what might show up on the game cameras! If you don’t have cameras on your property then you don’t have as much information about deer, predators and possibly even poachers or trespassers. Check out these super cameras.

Non-Typical CuddebackAmbushIRCuddeback Non-Typical Ambush IR features fast trigger speeds, infrared capabilities, compact design and the “Super Simple” setup mode. They have a slim design that isn’t as easily visible to others, either, if you have lurkers on your property. Get a couple to hang and find out what your deer are doing. GET IT HERE


The new Moultrie Panoramic 150 has a quiet, sliding lens that takes images with a wide field of view day or night. It's a great camera for your hunting land or home security plans.

Moultrie’s new Panoramic 150 has numerous features along with a silent, sliding lens and multiple sensors. When a sensor detects movement, the lens shifts to that zone and gives you a panoramic scene of the entire area, up to 150 degrees. Then you can “stitch” the photos together for a wide view. Pretty amazing. Set up the Panoramic 150 around a game feeder or mineral lick and you can get some super photos. GET IT HERE