Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: Safe Deer Hunting is the Responsible Choice

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Stay safe out there so you can enjoy tomorrow’s hunt. (photo courtesy of TedNugent.com)

I hope your hunting season is going as wonderfully as mine is. Not exactly overloaded with harvested strappers, but stunning for all the right reasons for sure. The only thing more important than every morning’s hunt and every evening’s hunt for me is getting home safe and sound so I can do it all again tomorrow. Mrs. Nugent, my kids, grandkids and entire family would have it no other way.



We should all know that statistically, hunting is one of the safest activities available to mankind; safer than football, swimming, boating, skiing, even hiking. But being the eternal perfectionist, I am convinced it isn’t safe enough.

Being Ted Nugent is too much fun to put into words, and if you’re not having fun with me, you’re weird. But it comes with some extremely serious and unique job requirements. I didn’t want to take on the animal rights freaks when this bizarre culture war erupted in the 1960s, but charging forth to the frontlines was clearly the right thing to do when you love this sport as much as I do.

With this goofy thing called “celebrity” comes mostly harmless, cute stuff, but the indescribable benefits when you’re a hunter/gun rights fighter so in the public eye is the increased and wonderful communication from fellow believers sharing their love of hunting, guns, freedom, the great outdoors and America.


I hear from great families from all over the country everyday about their outdoor fun and find every story fascinating and intriguing. Unfortunately, or actually fortunately, I also hear plenty of bad and ugly along with all the good.

Heartbreak struck again this morning with yet another tragic horror story of a loved one tumbling out their treestand. I’m telling you, it happens all the time, and I do believe I am the only hunter on earth that hears from so many of them. I do my best to console and communicate our BloodBrother love and support for those injured and far too many families suffering the grief of loss.

Like 98% of all healthcare issues in America, safe hunting all boils down to intelligent choices. I am begging all of you reading this to call every hunter you know and start demanding they all wear fall-restraint devices. The Nugent family made a loving vow to each other that we would simply never climb into an elevated stand ever again without donning our Hunter Safety System vest and double checking every stand, every ladder, every step and every strap constantly.

And another crazy suicidal choice: NO MORE HOMEMADE WOODEN PLATFORMS!

I myself was guilty for many, many years, but never again.

Statistically, if we all wore proper restraint devices, eliminated all those rickety homemade stands, and simply refused to climb up beyond our physical capabilities ever again, we would literally end the tragic epidemic of injuries and deaths associated with such falls.

There’s a responsible choice that should be ridiculously easy.

Spread the good word my BloodBrothers. The only hunt more important than today’s hunt, is tomorrow’s hunt.

Be safe, be stealthy, celebrate the Great Spirit of the Wild, and eat more venison. Godspeed, backstrap BloodBrother,


Ted & family

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