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Ted Nugent: School is in Session – Hunting Education 101

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Even the Motorcity Madman Whackmaster Strap Assassin can be Wildlife Education Father of the Year! (photo courtesy of TedNugent.com)

The kids’ eyes looked like they would bug out of their happy faces. Oohs and ahhhs permeated the 4th grade classroom and the boys and girls were clearly gaga with fascinated excitement.

I hauled the giant buffalo head around the room as I told thrilling stories of wild Indians on horseback with their bows and arrows riding the wild thunder in pursuit of the giant, mystical beast. I let each kid stroke the coarse wool of the old bull’s blanket, and fondle the huge, smooth, gunmetal like horns protruding from the mammoth skull.



Throughout the young formative years of my children, I had already made it my life’s priority to stay off the road from touring during the fall school season so as to be there guiding, nurturing and properly parenting them in a consistent school year routine. Of course it would also keep me home on our game-rich Michigan farm during hunting season, but who says you can’t have your cake and gag on the frosting too!

Eventually, I was honored with a Father of the Year Award at my kids’ school for being such a loving, attentive, dare I say, aggressive room-father.

Beyond my standard room-father involvement and monitoring activities, I made it a point to infuse some educational fun diversions that I knew the children would enjoy, while at the same time counterpunching the insidious culture war enemies and crushing their dishonest, dangerous agenda.

With the authorization, support and assistance of the school administrators, teachers and even law enforcement professionals, I would bring in bows and arrows, guns and ammo, deer heads, skulls, skins, gunracks made of hooves, and even backstraps and a hibachi to grill ‘em up right there in the classroom!

It was unanimous that ol’ Uncle Ted’s little gitdowns were the most enjoyable and popular things to ever happen at the school.

Spotlight on Kamp for Kids in South Dakota
“It’s literally this simple. The great outdoors – or gangs, drugs and crime.”


With widespread examples of deceit and dishonesty running amok in so many schools across the country, initiated by anti-hunting, anti-gun, anti-freedom and even anti-American zealots, it has been my experience that but a few minutes of truth and evidence delivered in a caring, passionate, take no crap way, can virtually wipe out years of nonsense propaganda and brainwashing. The truth has a way of destroying lies, but it is up to those of us that know the truth to wage meaningful war on the liars. There is no more important setting and a no more important demographic than in our schools for the children.

I know it is always tough to manage that extra time to spend with our kids at school, but believe you me, it is critically important on all levels for us to do so. Share with those kids your love of the great outdoors, hunting, conservation and the joys of aim small miss small shooting sports in a classroom setting where you have their undivided attention.

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Get involved and pass on your knowledge and love of the outdoors to any youngster willing to give it a try. Give them the opportunity that someone gave you, you’ll be glad you did. (photo courtesy of TedNugent.com)

We didn’t have any weirdo teachers at my kids’ schools, and you may not have to deal with them either, but I am extremely confident (have you noticed that?) that unless we bring these critical subjects up with the proper facts and delivery, I am certain it will not get done.

Propose a lesson on nature, on wildlife conservation, on sustain yield biology, on quality air, soil and water environmentalism, and putting more back into nature than we take out, and thereby providing what I believe to be the most important lesson the kids may ever learn.

Bring in that mounted deer head, some skins, bows and arrows, give them a history lesson on the saving of the buffalo, waterfowl, deer, elk, turkey, bears, cougars and pronghorn. Be Room Dad/Mom of the Year! Glow with pride that we put forth the effort to educate the next generation about the purity and perfection of the annual season of harvest that Thanksgiving is all about.

Do it. You’ll be glad you did, and so will the teachers and the kids.

Goodluck, good hunting, Godbless & Godspeed,

Ted & family

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