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Ted Nugent: Take a Newcomer Along this Hunting Season



By Ted Nugent

Ultra-Hi-velocity American BloodBrother greetings once again my Deer&DeerHunting friends from the indefatigable Nugent hunting addicted SpiritZone campfire. And what a blazing campfire it is! Mine smells like meat! Yours?

Kamp for Kids

Never forget to take every opportunity to introduce a newcomer to our wonderful, totally pure adventurous hunting lifestyle. They’ll love ya for it! (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

It only took me a single morning to escape the brutal rock-n-roll throttling I pummeled upon myself and my fellow FunGluttons all summer (as I batterrammed myself with my 6,500th firebreathing concert!! OUCH!!) to transition smoothly into my New Mexico treestand. As creative as I am, I cannot imagine anything more contradictory yet complimentary than the outrageous juxtaposed dichotomy that is the leap from the firestorm of my rock-n-roll tour to my stealthy, silent hunting life. Talkin’ about fire and ice! A guy could experience serious spiritual contusions and facial skidmarks attempting such a dangerous stunt without the proper training and preparation. Don’t try this at home kids. You may not make it back!

ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCKI admit I remained rather bleary eyed for more than a few days at first, but alas, my ferocious cravings for THE HUNT allowed me to shed the 5 month nonstop, maximum decibel rockout in exchange for the soul cleansing solitude of my beloved woodland perch, and all was well within minutes of ascending the old Quaking Aspen overlooking a skanky old elk wallow waterhole.

Joined by my wonderful son Toby, pilot Joe Jordon and SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms, we strategized a father-son double-prong sneak attack on the magnificent God’s country Chama, N.M., region with elk and black bear tags in our pockets, new Mathews bows in our predator hands, and very eager Spirit of the Wild attitude – cocked, locked and oh so ready to rock doc!

We hunted hard with a camp full of hardcore bowhunting BloodBrothers from across America at the world class Fishtail Ranch, with Lee and Valerie Weiss and killer team. I had to leave early empty-handed after just two days of hunting to get back home to Shemane, but Toby stayed on and I will report here what kind of damage my son did to the mountains and elk herd. A huge BloodBrother SALUTE to expert guide and lifelong bowhunter Stanley Oaks for all his hard work guiding.

Like so many hunters out here these days, we take full advantage of digital video technology to film everything we do beyond the pavement, to not only document and share eternally the joys and thrills of our hunting adventures, but most importantly to promote this ultimate hands-on conservation lifestyle to the masses on our 25-year, award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel. After all, we will not rest until the world celebrates the hunting lifestyle as acceptable and commonplace as they do golf, tennis, skiing and NASCAR. That’s always been our goal and we will never give up. It should be every hunter’s goal.

Increased communication on all levels beyond the choir will determine how quickly this happens. Do all you can at every opportunity at work, church, school, the bowling alley, the neighborhood BBQ, at every imaginable event and opportunity with glowing communications about the perfection and joys of hunting. Be sure to write those letters to the editor in your regional newspapers, blogs, websites, social media and publications too. All of the above can make a huge beneficial upgrade for our sport. PR after all is “public relations,” so relate to all the public you can how wonderful and positive hunting and venison is in your everyday lives. Hit it!

“You know what that smells like to me… Guilt.”


Continued killer hunting to you all, and remember that it is never too late to grab a nonhunting buddy, neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member, and introduce them to the universal turn-ons of our hunting life. With the always exciting increased rut activity around the corner, now is the time to share the riveting encounters with fascinating wildlife that will more often than not lure newcomers into the great outdoors.

And it goes without saying, but I will anyway, be sure you are all members of the NRA, and give away NRA memberships as the greatest gift in the world that will increase our victories in the ongoing culture war that rages on against everything we believe in. Believe it. Godspeed, goodluck, good hunting, aim-small miss-small, be safe, be legal and thoughtful, and by all means, live it up! Kill one for Uncle Ted, would ya!

Always our very best,

Ted Nugent and family
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