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Most kids love to shoot stuff as much as I do, so let’s give them all the opportunity to learn how to do it safely, responsibly and enjoyably! (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

Oops! As an imperfect, oftentimes feeble beast, (have you checked out our government lately!) no one can deny man is capable of truly blowing it. Then of course, we must all also admit that being created in the image and likeness of God His bad Self, there is no end to the miracle that we are, and when put to the test, capable of truly astonishing accomplishments.

I mean, come on! Tell me that James Brown was a mere mortal! Have you ever witnessed his legendary live performance back in 1962 at the famed TAMI concert? Do yourself a favor and google that. This phenomenal superhuman will inspire you to feats of grandeur and otherwise insurmountable soulmusic outrage.



Then there is the self-inflicted curse by the bowhunting industry to obviously limit the number and profile of people we should be welcoming into our incredibly joyous sport. There simply is no other explanation as to why we cannot break the three million mark after all these years.

I could share with you unlimited tales of unforgivable heartbreak where people genuinely excited about archery were chased away from the joy and from buying bows, arrows, quivers, releases, sights, stabilizers, rests, lighted nocks, rangefinders, optics, knives, camo, and more gear of every imaginable description and purpose, just because of the insanity of not being able to find a bow that they can shoot comfortably.

I kid you not, maybe many of you haven’t heard of such stupidity, but I have been bombarded with such tales for more than 40 years, and I have about had it.

The Ol' Whackmaster Himself!

The fulfilling, spiritual connection between the hunter, the bow, and the arrow is a contagious feeling we must pass on to future generations. (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

Here’s one; a pretty young gal attending my wife Shemane’s Zumba convention classes recently had been watching our Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel. She was intrigued, downright fascinated by Shemane’s lovely, athletic, mystical flight of the arrow and the big game she was killing with her lightweight pink bow.

Bianca decided she wanted in, so she asked around and finally contacted the archery “go to” guy in her area, and was welcomed to come try her hand. Now, mind you, she ended up being introduced to “the archery guy” everyone had recommended, obviously because so many considered him “the archery guy” who would best introduce Bianca properly.

Only the guilty need feel guilty, but horror of horrors, yet once again, we watched Bianca on YouTube hopelessly struggling to pull back the bowstring on the bow of choice by the “expert.” There was no way she could break the compound bow over as she heaved with all her might to get the string to come back 2-3 inches.

Our archery “expert,” laughing the whole time, was actually making fun of her trying to draw a bow that was clearly the wrong bow for her.

In desperation, while yanking with all her might, under the expert guidance of her archery guy, she touched the trigger, the arrow flung off the string and the top cam flew back in her face knocking out her front tooth.

Our “expert” archery rep, laughed even louder as Bianca recoiled in pain and shock.

As you read this, your first instinct would be to refuse to believe such insanity actually took place, or worst case possible, was a rare fluke at the hands of an uncaring dolt.

Don’t do it. Like I said, it happens all the time all too often, and even when a newcomer does succeed in drawing the bow back and flinging a few arrows, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that 90+% of the time, a new archer ends up with a bow that is too difficult to shoot comfortably, gracefully and effectively.

I’m addicted to logic, so I cannot begin to explain how such goofyness continues. All I can say, is that those of us who are truly dedicated to growing our sport and increasing the voice/vote for successful wildlife conservation damn well better get cracking and spread the word that velocity and kinetic energy does not bowhunting make.

Watch Ted double-up on a Texas hunt on Destination Whitetail
“I can hardly stand myself, I’m having so much fun!”


Stealth, grace, smoothness, control and enjoyment will be the battlecry for increased participation, growth and improvement overall.

I will be writing an extensive piece soon about the proper system to introduce new archers and bowhunters, and how the same intelligent, thoughtful approach will greatly recruit gun and crossbow hunters as well. When it comes to future conservation, recruitment is the key.

Kamp for Kids

A gentle introduction to the archery discipline requires gear that is fit for each shooter to ensure the ultimate lifelong fun factor. (photo courtesy of tednugent.com)

Aim small, miss small, always have a Genesis bow on hand and baptize all who you can into the effervescent mystical flight of the arrow fun.

Uncle Ted, never over and never out. Good hunting, goodluck and Godspeed.

Ted & family

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