Dadgum Good! Try Big Al’s Kickin’ Southern Chili This Weekend

This lingering cold weather is the result of some weird atmospheric shift out of the Arctic, but few things beat the pants off a nip in the air like a hot bowl of venison chili!

Whether it's venison chili or you're using beef, it's hard to argue with a hot, hearty bowl on a chilly spring night!

Whether it’s venison chili or you’re using beef, it’s hard to argue with a hot, hearty bowl on a chilly spring night!

It’s still in the 40s up north and a chilly 50-ish in parts of the Southeast. Dadgum! Our irises and redbuds and such are blooming here in Alabama, turkeys are gobbling and we’re still telling the kids to get a jacket or hoodie in the mornings.

Soon, of course, we’ll want a 48-degree day and cool north breeze. Summer’s heat can do that.

But for now, a bowl of hot chili, maybe with some jalapeno peppers and cornbread, and it’s all good.

Venison Chili  
2 tbsp. olive oil
4 lbs. ground deer meat
3 medium onions, chopped fine
1 (48 oz.) can tomato juice
2 (8 oz.) cans tomato sauce
2 (6 oz.) cans tomato paste
3 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. paprika
1/2 tsp. red pepper
1 tbsp. salt
black pepper, to taste
2 (15 oz.) cans kidney beans, drained

On medium-high heat, in a heavy saucepan heat the olive oil and then add the deer meat, browning until done. Reduce heat to low temperature and add the onions, tomato juice, tomato sauce, tomato paste, chili powder, paprika, red pepper and salt. Stir well to mix the ingredients. Add the black pepper  to mix well. Cover top with black pepper and stir well. Cook over low heat for about six hours, stirring occasionally to make sure it’s all good. Add the beans about 30 minutes before you’re done. Serves about 12