Venison Wisdom: Do You Have It?

Enjoying great meals of venison you’ve hunted and brought home involves more than a good recipe because without proper care, you can have a pile of meat that may not taste worth a flip.

Venison Wisdom Cookbook


“Venison Wisdom Cookbook” is a compilation of great recipes by Tracy Schmidt that are easy to prepare, delicious and will keep you busy wanting to try another one. You’ll get 200 recipes in this cookbook that should easily find a place in your home or camp kitchen.

Schmidt’s recipes in “Venison Wisdom Cookbook” use practical ingredients you likely will have on hand at home, which means you won’t be buying some special ingredient or spice that might never see the outside of the pantry again. You’ll also find a special section with recipes from Ted Nugent, Mark Drury, Jim & Ann Casada, Charlie Alsheimer, and other venison-lovers.
And as they say on TV, but wait … there’s more! More than 100 bonus tips about preparation and care are included from Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Daniel E. Schmidt. With decades of hunting, venison prep and a family history of both, the Schmidts and guest contributors offer a super package of recipes and information for all hunters and cooks.
Check it out now and get yours (on sale!) before the hunting season ends.