WATCH: Giant Mature Iowa Whitetail Hits the Dirt

NAP prostaffer Eric Luster puts a monster buck on the ground in Iowa with his Killzone broadhead and Elite bow, and it’s definitely an “OMG!” whitetail, as the kids might say, that you must see!

Luster sets up in a solid stand location, and although the wind gives him some fits he’s able to make a solid shot on a super buck.


Get Ready Now To Kill Giant Bucks!
Smokeys PreorbitalIf you’re interested in bringing big bucks within range, one of the best ways to do it is with a mock scrape and overhead licking branch. You can create one of the best combos with the Smokey’s Preorbital Gland Lure for the licking branch and Smokey’s Interdigital Gland Lure for the mock scrape.

Just a few drops of each goes a long way for curious bucks wondering who’s rumbling around their territory. The preorbital gland emits secretions bucks rub on branches with their head, while the intergidital gland in their feet leaves secretions in scrapes and when they walk. Create your own mock scrapes and licking branches, or freshen up existing scrapes and branches, with Smokey’s real gland lure taken from whitetail deer.

Click here for the Preorbital Gland Lure and here for the Interdigital Gland Lure.