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Buck with Odd Antlers

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Jeff Davis of Wisconsin shot this beautiful 9-pointer this morning. I just happened to be driving by the check-in station at lunchtime and saw Jeff checking in his trophy. “I passed up a buck about the same size yesterday, but that deer only had one side (antler),” he said. “This one was approaching on the same trail, but he was going to pass by a ways out. I took my Primos can call and turned it over, and he came straight to my tree.” Jeff made a great shot on the deer, and the buck only went 100 yards before expiring. What I find most interesting about Jeff’s deer is the long, sweeping extra point that comes off of the right base. We know from research that many antler peculiarities are hereditary. In many of these cases, we see similar traits from bucks in the same area. However, these traits are usually manifested in things such as forked tines, drop tines, and basic point configurations. Could Jeff’s deer be exhibiting a genetic trait? Maybe; maybe not. There have been some studies that have shown deer can carry hereditary defects and pass them on to subsequent generations. It’s important to note that these “bad” genes could very easily come maternally (the doe). Whatever the case, our congrats go out to Jeff on taking such a fine buck. - Dan Schmidt