Bizarre Deer Video: See Fawns Moving Inside Doe’s Womb!

Earlier this week, Deer & Deer Hunting Television Editor Tyler Dallmann captured what might be one of the only video clips available of whitetail fawns moving inside a doe’s womb.

Dallmann captured the video on a Cuddeback Attack IR scouting camera.

“We have been lucky to witness newborn fawns in our company’s courtyard each year for the past several years,” said Dallmann. “This year we were ready for them. About two weeks ago, I mounted my Cuddeback camera on a crabapple tree in the courtyard. I was just hoping to get some cool footage of deer walking around. Imagine my surprise when I pulled the SD card the other day and discovered this amazing clip. I have never seen anything like this in the 13-plus years that I’ve been working in the video industry.”

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