Weston Jerky Gun Perfect for Deer Season Snacks

One of the easiest things you can make with your venison is jerky, and with the season wide open it’s a good bet you’ve had more than one snack stick or two this year.

Weston Jerky GunJerky has been around for many, many years. Various forms of it have been recorded through Native American history, of the drying and preserving of meat for consumption later on. Venison, of course, is what we focus on, but in some cultures they dry fish such as salmon or cod. Elk, moose and other four-legged game animals also are made into jerky.

One simple way to make great jerky or snack sticks is with a Weston Jerky Gun. It’s designed to hold about 1.5 pounds of ground meat. After removing all the silver skin and any other chewy tendon or sinew, grind your venison, add any spices or flavoring, and then load the jerky gun. Squeeze the snack sticks on a rack for drying, either in the oven or with a dehydrator, and you’ll be good to go.

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