Whitetail Biologist Jeremy Flinn Spills His Hunting, Habitat Secrets

Wildlife biologist Jeremy Flinn is in the hot seat today on Deer Talk Now with information about how you can improve small properties and maximize your hunting land to reach its full potential.

FlinnFlinn, who lives in Missouri and is a regular contributing writer to Deer & Deer Hunting, joins Deer Talk Now host Brad Rucks for timely tips on habitat, better hunting prospects, scouting and more. Flinn is one of the brightest young deer biologists in the country. He provides the annual D&DH Southern Rut Predictions in conjunction with researchers at the University of Georgia and Southeastern biologists.

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Flinn is a registered wildlife biologist with The Wildlife Society. He grew up in western Pennsylvania and developed a passion for hunting and wildlife, which guided him towards a career in wildlife management. Flinn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Penn State University and worked at the university’s White-tailed Deer Research and Breeding Facility for two years, where he gained knowledge and experience on white-tailed deer biology, management, and breeding.

Flinn worked as a wildlife ecology intern at the world-renown Smithsonian Institute in Virginia where he conducted research on deer home range size and movements, urban deer management and deer-vehicle collisions, harvest rates and habitat management for a variety of game species including bear and turkey, and obtained an extensive background in using trail cameras to manage wildlife. He earned his Master of Science degree from Mississippi State University’s Wildlife and Fisheries Program with a focus on white-tailed deer management under the guidance of famed deer biologist Dr. Steve Demarais.

“I believe in science-based, on-the-ground management, and feel there is nothing more important than sitting down face-to-face with a landowner and discussing their objectives in order to construct a management plan to reach their specific goals,” he said.

Flinn is a member of the Quality Deer Management Association and National Wild Turkey Federation. Learn more about him through his company, The Buck Advisors.

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