food plots

Don Higgins

What’s the Secret For Late Season Whitetail Magic?

I smiled when I saw the small group of deer headed for the plot of standing corn. I had been debating my friend Todd Hewing about what was the best late-season food-plot crop for whitetails. Todd argued that soybeans are the ticket, but I would hear none of it. Common sense — and all...

Hunters of all ages and genders contribute in some way to the economic impact of their local, state and even national levels.

Learn More About Best Food Plots, Management For Whitetails

Wildlife food plots and deer management are important topics to many Oklahoma hunters, and this summer and fall sportsmen can attend a demonstration and a workshop to learn more about both. A wildlife food plot demonstration hosted by Oklahoma State University Extension and several seed companies will take place Aug. 2 from 3-5 p.m....

Jeremy Flinn

New Wildlife Management Team Utilizes Traditional, Online Services

Jeremy Flinn, a professional wildlife biologist and regular contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting and Deer & Deer Hunting TV, has teamed with Steve Smolenski to create The Buck Advisors wildlife management service. The Buck Advisors have strategically launched a new era of wildlife management services and products. Grounded in proven science, The Buck...