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Deer Talk Now: We’re Celebrating With Your Hunting Questions!

Wooohoo! Deer Talk Now, sponsored by Federal Premium Ammo, is celebrating its 100th episode and we’re throwing the big par-tay with your fantastic questions about deer hunting! When Deer Talk Now was first conceived three years ago, the format was pretty basic: Have expert deer hunters, land managers, biologists, company representatives and others visit...

Diet diversity is helpful for deer to be able to be healthier.

Deer Talk Now: Secrets of a Veteran Big Buck Hunter

What are your strategies for helping, scouting and hunting big bucks? Are your food plots the best they can be? Are you willing to not fill a buck tag for the season to let a younger deer walk? Veteran big buck hunter and habitat specialist Don Higgins joins Deer Talk Now hosts Brad Rucks...


Plan Ahead When Planting Food Plots

Be prepared so you can take advantage of your tractor time A few years ago during a workday on our lease we experienced a broken part on the disk of our tractor and everything came to an immediate halt. By Alan Clemons Fortunately our property was only 20 minutes or so from the nearest town....

Acorn Rage

Fire Up Your Bucks with the Aroma of Acorns

There’s no argument about whether deer love acorns and finding a hot oak dropping the succulent morsels during bow season or even early gun season usually is a hot stand! The aroma of acorns also can be used to help fire up bucks and does later in the season or for off-season camera surveys....

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Chestnuts Outstanding Forage for Deer, Wildlife

One of the most fun things many deer hunters do each year is augment natural forage with some supplemental food plots or stands of mast-bearing trees such as oak, persimmon or chestnut. The additional work on the hunting property provides more of a connection on those cold days in the stand. You’ve worked the...


Food Plot Tips: The Mighty Soybean

By Don Higgins Why Beans? Whitetails crave soybeans during the late season for several reasons. First, there’s likely not another food source at that time of the year that comes close to offering the same level of protein. I have sent a sample of soybeans (in the pods, which is how deer eat them)...


Hot, New Deer Hunting Attractants and Minerals

Learn what’s new with some of the hottest deer hunting attractants and minerals with Jason Campbell from Evolved Harvest. With spring arriving, more hunters are thinking about mineral sites, food plots and planning for the upcoming season. Find out what’s happening on Deer Talk Now so you can be prepared.

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Five Great Deer Hunting Tips to Get Completed Now

Deer season is over, with maybe the exception of a late urban hunt somewhere, and most hunters I know are either thinking about turkeys, fishing, their kids’ spring sports or they’re making plans for work at camp. Ah, the work never ends. Right? Well, it doesn’t. Or, it shouldn’t. Let your yard go for...