Ruff Start

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Ruff Start

Postby gotchuck » Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:13 am

Done alot of prepatation for this deer season (2010-11). Re-plowed, bottom plowed, cleared off or cleared out around greenfields. Limed, fertilized, and replanted greenfields. Re-worked some of our shothouses. Dang near killed my self this year, literally, twice. First, I had a heat stroke back in July, plowing up fields. Then in October fell out/off of a tree while securing climbing sticks to a tree for a stand. EVERYONE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LINEMANS BELT, GET ONE, IT'S WORTH IT!!! It a little harder work and takes a little longer, but it's alot safer and very much so worth it. I was very lucky, fortunate, and/or blessed that I escaped with only a dislocated elbow. Very painful and tuff recovery, but I could be paralized or dead right now. But now all that is behind me, I have a couple of does at the processor, now it time to hunt for horns. HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE, SHOOT STRAIGHT, AND PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

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