Trailing Whitetails and Finding Wounnded Deer

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Trailing Whitetails and Finding Wounnded Deer

Postby AlleganBowhunter » Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:26 pm

Just perusing the book forum and didn't see mention of either of these books by John Trout, Jr.

I will try and do a full review of each in the near future, but I highly recommend both these books to ANY deer hunter.  Trout goes into detail on deer  behavior at the time of the shot and after the shot, detail explanations of deer hair, how long to wait after the shot based on the information. 

I review both these books throughout the year, just to keep it fresh in my mind.

If you haven't, grab a copy of each of these.  Well worth the money preparing for a bad tracking.

Finding Wounded Whitetails by John Trout Jr, ISBN-10: 0970749309

Trailing Whitetails by John Trout Jr ISBN-10: 0945980140

Happy Hunting!
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