Whitetail Advantage Review

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Whitetail Advantage Review

Postby djohns13 » Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:34 am

Just finished reading Whitetail Advantage by Dr. David Samuel and Robert Zaiglin.  I really liked the way the chapters were laid and the use of data where appropriate.  I had several moments where the light bulb went off for me.  The first was in the chapter on deer smell and how the deer correlate the smell to the danger at hand to create a lifelong memory.  The next was the chapter on deer vision and how deer can't see the yellow/orange/red very well but can see blues much easier.  I often used to wear blue jeans when out photographing wildlife, but obviously not anymore.  The final and biggest epiphany I had was when reading the chapter on rubs.  The chapter speaks clearly about traditional rubs and how often aromatic trees are used year after year.  Sure enough, when I checked out my favorite hunting area for traditional rubs, I found that 100% were on aromatic trees.  Based upon this information, I am already planning some stand moves for next year.
This is a book I would definitely recommend to read whether you are a deer expert or just a beginner.
Good shooting.
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