The Most Informative Book Ever

Bob Olsen
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The Most Informative Book Ever

Postby Bob Olsen » Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:12 am

Most everyone wants to learn more about Deer & Deer Hunting. I have read many, many books from Dr, James T. Krol to Al Brothers, etc. I have read many magazines for over 25 years. All those books and years of reading the same magazine articles about waking up at 4:00 a.m. to a torrential downpour have just been about me paying my dues. By far, the best and most informative book to me has been by Don Higgins called "Hunting Trophy Whitetails in the Real World". A better book has not been published. I read Dons book in one day and then read it again a few days later. A word of caution, if you buy the book, do not lend it out. I have two books out and I doubt that I'll get either one back. The book cost about $28.00 and the proceeds are donated to charity. That is the cost of three bottles of "No Scent" which has been proven to be worthless. I'm in the process of "remodeling" my 70 acres. In the end I will have about 60 acres of "Sanctuary" with mostly "Native Grasses". I will also have Persimmon Trees, Sawtooth and White Oak. My "remodeling" began in April of 2011 and will be done in about 5 short years. I will have 8 foot fence in areas, fruit producing Persimmon trees, 7 foot "Native Grasses and oh yeah,]MONSTER BUCKS !!! Don also helped me get a lot done through the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program such as a Three row shelter belt as a visual block and thermal cover. When all is said and done my property value will go through the roof (but I refuse to sell, even for $6,000.00 an acre) and will be some of the best Deer Hunting in the WORLD!!! Yeah< I said it, in the WORLD. To evolve as a hunter and, for something to read while on stand, give Don a call at 217-752-6829 or go to his web-site, www,

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Re: The Most Informative Book Ever

Postby Dylan » Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:46 am

I'm always surprised at how people spend $25 or so on gear they never use but will never spend that money on a good book that offers a life time of knowledge.

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