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Coming Your Way!

Postby Dan Schmidt » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:36 am

We just sent the October issue to the printer minutes ago. Will start shipping to subscribers on Aug. 24. Hits newsstands beginning Sept. 7. Do NOT miss this issue! It is our biggest of the year and includes:

Charlie Alsheimer's peak-rut predictions for this fall. Bonus: He reveals which 9 days will be the best to use when scheduling your time off from work.

Les Davenport reveals which state is #1 in whitetail management (hint: probably NOT who you think!)

Steve Bartylla's expert insights on trail cam use for scouting big bucks.

New research on mature whitetail behavior during the rut that dispels a long-time myth.

Much, much more ... 132 PAGES worth!

Daniel E. Schmidt, Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting

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