Dan's Question of the Week: Crossbows

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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Crossbows

Postby hunt4fun » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:14 pm

I never want to miss a fall in the woods during bow season. As long as I am capable, I will be holding a vertical bow in my hands, but if there comes a time when circumstances keep me from being able to do so, I would like to have a fall back. Thats why I like the way the rules are in Wisconsin, where age and disability won't be able to keep me from enjoying my fall. I don't think many people are going to drop their vertical bows to pick up crossbows just because they are legal. We have too much invested (financially and emotionally) to just toss our current bows into a basement. There may be a few more hunters in the woods, but I doubt it would be significant. Like I said, I like things the way they are, but I don't see the legalization of crossbows having a detrimental effect that reshapes hunting as we know it.

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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Crossbows

Postby ChasePhase » Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:14 pm

It looks liked NY is going tom legalize crossbows use during firearm season or on private land during bow season,,,,just need the Gov. Patterson to sign off on it.
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