uncle ted's baiting

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RE: uncle ted's baiting

Postby dadof3upatree » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:11 pm

I see that most see this as my opinion but when I look at a dog I don't see a cat. Thats not my opinion and I can't see how someone else can possibly see a cat when looking at a dog. And as much as I hate admit it, I have seen how baiting works on deer. Twice I have taken people up on hunting their properties only to learn during the hunts I was hunting over corn. The deer just are not the same animals after coming safely day after day, sometimes for years, to a corn feeder. Lastly, I have fed deer in my back yard on other properties I've lived. Not to hunt, just to view. They begin coming like clock work after just a short time. I think I'm done with this topic. I've spoke my piece and think its time to agree to disagree! I certainly believe, even in spite of not agreeing with certain hunting practices, that most of the hunting community has good people in it. That do way more good for the environment than harm. This does not include the Nut.
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RE: uncle ted's baiting

Postby buckeyestevo » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:14 pm

I don't bait, it's not the way I was brought up and it's not legal in Ohio. Baiting does seem pretty "bush league" to me, but thats just me. Look, guy's, ever since man stood erect, he's been looking for an "edge", but we've evolved somewhat, albeit, some more than others, but nonetheless, we have progressed ( people from Michigan excluded ). I like to think of the deer we brought back from near extinction 100 or so years ago as a worthy pusuit, an escape from the everyday tedium and as a way to connect to our heritage and sharpen one's senses....or maybe just get away from the "old lady" ( for our W. virginia bretheren ). However if one needs to bait deer, it suggests to me someone does not just want a deer, but rather NEEDS a deer simply to survive.....if this is the case, may I suggest getting a job or joining the ranks of welfare, also, start wearing condoms so as not to propagate your DNA.

Taking the easy way was never appealling to me, what does one learn by doing that? Cheating, taking shortcuts, it's all appealled to man since he first jumped down from the tree. People take steroids to get an edge on others, because otherwise, they'll never acheive the adullation and approval the desperately seek. Lazy, stupid people cheat on tests in high school and college, women get breast implants, guy's take pills to enlarge their manhood (or lack of manhood), people fudge their resume's and I use a compound bow because I don't have time to get good with a stick bow. People are going to bait deer and jacklight deer and poach deer and tresspass and on and on. Those folks will never hunt beside me.

I have 1 buck over 160, 1 over 150 and 1 over 140 and 9 deer overall, all taken from the ground....no bait, no scent coverup, no highpowered rifle, no blind of any kind and I do get a measure of satisfaction from saying that, as well as satisfaction from all the deer i've let walk by and the one's i've missed. Whether to bait or not is really a question of how high one holds their self esteem. I wouldn't be able to face myself if I shot a baited deer, but if that wacky Ted Nugent guy's way is the "easy" way, so be it.

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RE: uncle ted's baiting

Postby Ohio farms » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:59 am

Baiting for deer is not illegal in the state of Ohio. It is for turkey and waterfowl. Your "my way or the highway" attitude could be softened a bit.
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RE: uncle ted's baiting

Postby metrx » Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:08 am

Baiting is illegal in my home state of NY.  In fact, recently, it is now illegal to even feed deer in any way, shape or form due to the possible spreading of CWD (according to the NYSDEC).  That said, whether you believe it's ok to do or not (baiting), if it's legal somewhere or not...it is what it is.  You don't have to like it or partake in it. 
It's legal to own a gun...some people think it shouldn't be.
It may soon be legal to recreationally smoke marihuana in California...I'm sure MANY people think it shouldn't be.
What if someone decided it would now be illegal to use any type of implement that fired a projectile to hunt deer because they deemed it too much of an advantage and you had to now only use, say, a knife and stalk them.
It all comes down to having the right to chose and decide what we want to do...within the law...but that's a whole other issue.


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