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Article idea

Postby bullwinkle » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:29 pm

Deer and Deer Hunting - I would love to see an article on what the scientists think will happen if they dont control the CDW in Wis.  As you are well aware, there is a brewing battle over deer population goals and CDW management in Wis.  We have had this disease going 10 years.  I have yet to see anyone explain worst case.  It seems to me the boys are hunting around Madison, land values are high and no one is getting sick from eating deer.  I think I read that worst case is 12% infection.  Maybe this will run it coarse like other diseases and we should just let it go. 
Are they finding a bunch of dead deer?  Why hasnt the population been affected if the disease is so bad?  What are the possible outcomes if we go back to normal seasons and deer population goals?  For some reason out West and other state who have CDW dont seem so worried about it as Wis???
I read about deer hunting a lot.  I read your magazine cover to cover, I am becoming less and less worried that the DNR is making a bigger deal than necessary. 

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RE: Article idea

Postby bowman12 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:22 am

Good idea. What I've often wondered is if there is a natural percentage of deer affected no matter what is going on. In MN they're dealing with tuberculosis issues so I've been more than curious about that.
Do these diseases exist naturally in a herd of deer? If so I wonder what percent is normal.

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RE: Article idea

Postby bowhuntr15 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:59 pm

I recently just watched a show about the complete erradication of whitetail in a small town of WI.  Dr. Krohl (spelling?) came from TX and so did other experts to question this tactic to reduce and study CWD.  Is this really presenting a thread to our deer everywhere?  I'm not a doctor nor an expert, but I sure would like an article, study, and information to help a common folk and hunter like me understand CWD better.  Is WI over-reacting?
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RE: Article idea

Postby hookset6969 » Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:11 pm

This may sound a little off the wall but how about if we handled AIDS the same way we do CWD? The reason I say this is because I would be willing to bet that 95-98% of the deer they shoot show no symptoms of CWD, Someone tell me if I'm wrong but I think the real reason most of this shooting is going on is because of the presure from the insurance companies? I would have no problem with them shooting deer with CWD, but to just go around shooting with no idea what has what seem's ignorant, But then again I'm no expert. I have asked this worst case senerio question once before on this site but never got a answer that meant anything. One last thing here has anyone heard if they have tried to come up with a cure for CWD other than a bullet [8|] Hell give em some ROBITUSSIN or something lol. With as many people that are out there feeding deer and practicing QDM and such I would think that alot of land owner's would purchase a feed with some med's in it to fight CWD before they would let the DNR on their land to just shoot these animal's. And if it's on Public land use our tax dollar's and tag money to pay for it, Put our tax money to use for something worth while, And don't tell me that then we would have to raise taxes because they are going to anyway so use it on something us outdoorsman want for a change [:@] I would also bet that if we tested 1000 people that a few of them would have some funky dissease wether it be HERPS, CRABS, H1N1, etc, So why don't we run around shooting, After all it cost the insurance companies thousands [8|]. People I'm not suggesting that we run around shooting people or should we compare people to deer but the IDEA of shooting something because it could have something remain's the same.

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