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RE: November 2010 Issue...Page 70

Postby NEW61375 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:48 pm

Well since you quoted me I will go ahead and reply. I can't get over how seriously everyone is taking this thread. As far as smut in a firehouse I have no idea, but I believe you run a tight ship at yours and can't believe this thread would cause you to not want to discuss or mention your profession. Not sure what "dragging it into conversations like this one" means. Is this a bad conversation, other than the reference to smut I thought it was a thread with people expressing their opinions in a fairly civil manner. Is the topic(pretty women in ads[:-]) taboo? If that mild at best ad is enough to get someones feathers ruffled then what a sheltered life that must be.

I was making a sarcastic reference about the calendars you alway see with firemen on them and drawing a comparison to this thread. You know where everyone was up in arms about the feelings of a flat chested women and how degraded she would feel if she saw that ad. I don't buy it just like I(and most middle aged, pudgy bellied, slightly balding guys) don't feel degraded when seeing ads/calendars/etc with soap opera good looks guys on them[:'(][:(]. Then again I just might not be sensitive enough. Really no need to reply that last one just left me with more questions than answers and the ad is no longer in D&DH so all is right in the world again....except for that dastardly Martin Archery.

^^^mostly sarcasm[;)]

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RE: November 2010 Issue...Page 70

Postby Patriot » Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:55 pm 'bout those Yankees?[8|]
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