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charlie 01
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Postby charlie 01 » Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:05 pm

Yes, every year is going to be different. I have hunted by the full moon since the early 1970's. If you watch through the year, the coolist or coldest part of the month is generaly during the full moon, unless you have cloud cover at night. If it's cloudy, it will stay warmer. This year the Oct. full moon falls on the 22. I usually find with a F.M. near the end of Oct. (unless it is cloudy) there is a very good chance we will have a frost. Witch means cold nights. I find deer tend to be more active during cool periods. I find, and I'm sure you do too,that during warm spells deer become less active, even during rut times which I think goes on during the night time then. There will always be rut activity at sometime in Nov. If there is a F.M. in early Oct. there will be no frost and no cold nights,then I go for Nov.'s. I find that rattling the last week in Oct. to be very productive. Bucks are not with does yet, but they are getting anxious. They are working scrapes and getting ready. When a buck hears what he believes to be deer fighting, he has got to think, at this time, it has to be over a doe. If he is a big boy, he is deffinetly going to check it out. And if we have a frost, that will make him more determined. If it's Nov. and he is with a doe . you won't rattle him away from her. At that time of the rut, rattling is like tossing the dice, you could win or you could lose. Once, after a rattle session, I watched a nice 10 put his antlers down and herd that doe away from the area.                                                          I saw something while hunting in Mich. in the 70's that made me think, whow, what a difference the full moon made. Deer were very active and moving all over. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying Nov. can't be good, I'm saying temperatures are the biggest factor. Nov. F.M. is the 21, again, if no cloud cover, there will be a frost for sure, and active deer. Last year here in Ill. We had a warm spell, Nov.7 And 8, it was in the 70's. Things got mighty slow. A guy could shoot a big buck most anytime through the season. One never knows whats going to come by. I hunt most every day,or could anyway, but if the full moon is at the right time, I'll be out there. Some of my best deer were taken during the F.M.,but not all.
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Postby doit » Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:38 pm

Here in NE PA Ive seen the nicest bucks the second week of the season until around Halloween, I rarely get daytime pics after that. I haven't seen any "real" rutting activity for a long time , some say its because the weather has been so off..to warm. i think its because there are to many does and not enough bucks, and the weather might have something to do with it but if a doe is ready the buck doesn't care if its 80 degrees out he's gonna do his job...ive seen this first hand. ive seen It's the younger bucks that are running around during the Rut first two weeks in November. The Bigger boys go nocturnal or hold up during the day and the Does go to him. Its around Thanksgiving when I seen the bigger bucks again. I like the dark moon not the full moon.

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Postby SwampLife » Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:20 am

Are your cams over scrapes, cause thats when you would see the big ones over scrapes, big ones are still there in Nov, but they aren't bothering with scraping, got more important things to do.

better scrape hunting end of Oct, better chance for cold weather in Nov.

Tough choice.

I'm doing Nov 4-14th in NW PA. I will either be hunting the late dropping apple trees on the property if they are dropping/and or downwind fringes of doe bedding areas.
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Postby dewde » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:01 am

I havent put in for my days off yet, I was thinking the 15th thru the 20th
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