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D&DH Article References

Postby taxman » Sun Sep 21, 2008 4:04 am

I enjoy the articles in D&DH, and I also like to read some of the studies referenced by the articles.  However when I do an internet search to locate referenced articles the vast majority of them charge a fee to access them, usually $24 or more.  Paying this much just to read a single study is unrealistic, I am just a deer hunter looking to learn more, not a biologist with a budget.
Does anyone know of a website that has studies online and without unrealistic fees?

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RE: D&DH Article References

Postby ranwin33 » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:57 am

A couple of suggestions.
You may attempt to access the website for the publication from where the research is cited.  For example, the Journal of Mammology has archived articles here: http://www.asmjournals.org/perlserv/?request=get-archive&issn=1545-1542 
You might also check out your local community college, university, or public library website.  Many have research resources available online.  For example, our local community college has this research feature among others:
I did a search there on deer hunting and came up with 3206 magazine articles and 167 academic journal articles.  The magazine articles I checked were all complete, the academic articles only provided abstracts but will give you a general sense of the article.  Not sure if it can be accessed off campus, but certainly worth a try.
Best of luck
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