Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

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Maxie Bordeaux
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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

Postby Maxie Bordeaux » Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:36 am

I don't care one way or the other really. As far as I'm concerned it's all just reality television. Sure I watch it because I love deer hunting, but I also know that any of the shows aren't real life situations. Their hunting in the most managed top notch locations in the United states and I liken to shooting fish in a barrel, or fishing in one of those big aquariums at the Bass Pro Shop. In general I guess I'll finish by saying deer hunting has become way to commercial.

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

Postby gamebear » Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:32 am

I don't mind Tiffany in very small doses. My thoughts while looking at her have nothing to do with hunting. The only time I have seen her and what's-his-name show is by accident. She is certainly a, well uh, attractive and bearable but only with the "mute" on. The whispering is so stupid in all the unreal "reality" hunting shows with Tiffany sounding like she's afflicted with a lifetime dose of helium being the most obnoxious. I don't doubt this show and the others sell products. However in my opinion there is nothing real about any of them. All of this hasn't changed my philosophy or love of hunting wild game. The protein stuff and especially high fence stuff is not for me. I'm not interested in "hunting" a buck that should have an asterisk next the "listing" like a steroid user.

I probably should have just answered the question with a "no" without adding any comment. Sell stuff? Yes, they do.

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

Postby metropig4860 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:30 am

The use of hunting couples in TV shows may or not bring a lot of women to the sport. For me it has peeked the interest of my fiance. She is planning on going out with me this year and giving hunting a try. I don't think there was anything any specific female hunting celebrity did that get her attention. I think for my fiance it was just seeing the women doing it made her think "if they can do it and enjoy it maybe I can too." Whether she ends up enjoying it or not she has been very supportive of my love for the sport and as a result I make sure not to be disrespectful to her when I decide when and where to go hunting.

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Re: RE: Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

Postby MZS » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:03 am

jonny5buck wrote:Im guessing the ''kissy poo'' couple would be Lee and Tiffany?...anyway i believe it has no bearing on how i percieve deer hunting...it's nice to have a spouse that's on the same page in regards to hunting.

I don't think my wife and I are even in the same book. Not even the same library! :lol:

So, perhaps they are doing the sport good.

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

Postby kellory » Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:32 pm

In my humble opinion, It is good for hunting in general, and bad for hunting in specific. Anything that draws in new hunters is suposed to be good for the sport and the future of laws for and against hunting, but the more people competing for the same hunting places is driving single hunters and small groups to hunt uver crowded public hunting grounds. As corperations and large companys buy up hunting leases,on everything in sight, Family hunters are being squeezed out of private lands. What farmer is going to allow a few polite helpful hunters of no little experiance, perhaps with a kid or two along to learn how it's done, when some corperation will put down 5-10,000 per season for exclusive hunting rights for thier employees and perks for guests of the company? I use the farmer old boy network to my advantage, to get on a property, and I trade labor, or meat, or cristmas cards to stay there. But I, and my hunting buddies could lose out to any big company than starts throwing money around. I have in hand permission slips to hunt two farms, and I am working on a third permission slip. I have 9 acres that belong to my family. everything besides my property could be lost to me, if the farmers are offered too much money to refuse. This is what I find bad about these shows, they breed want-to-be-hunters, with money and no traditions and few ethics. Do you really want Quad riding, fist pumping, jumping around like they just scored a touchdown , dancing, sponser patch displaying, fools, with every gadget known to man, and no woods craft, could get lost in the parking lot, hunting the property you have spent years scouting, hunting and improving? I mend fences to help the farmer. They buy fencing to keep us out.
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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: TV Couples

Postby voodoochile » Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:16 pm

its pathetic . really ....... not just the couples but TV hunting heros in general .

One famous couple made a comment on one show that I did watch that they had 600 + acres of food plots out ............ 600+ ACRES boys and girls .................. now that isnt even close to what the average bowhunter joe deals with ................ most folks dont even have 600 acres of private land with permission to hunt ,let alone have 600 acres of deer fast food to hunt.

reality it aint ..................... I make it a point to buy as little of the products these famous deer porn stars promote as possible


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