Dan's Question of the Week: Predators

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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Predators

Postby msbadger » Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:39 am

Haa Wanderer...that reminds me of another...non hunting...I'd been bow hunting and had heard chain saw going down the hill...well one section of the property is a half mile to the next road and sound travels funny in the hills..... so I thought naaa...they wouldn't dare be cutting fire wood on me....a few days later I had taken my deer and decided to go sign checking...To find a whole bunch of downed ash trees cut up and a wheel barrel tire track leaving the property to a trailer next door...Talk about hopping mad! I had my cell phone and I'm snapping pics of the wood they hadn't gotten yet and all the cuts and chips...then went down and circled up the drive of the ...trailer "park" area next door...I started knocking on doors and asking who lived in the trailer with all the fire wood stacked on the porch...When the yahoos pulled in...That was a conversation...well so and so said it was OK......"Is his name on those 2 signs you past to steal that wood?" ...No...but it was laying on the ground..."So what?"   If I saw a gas grill that I didn't think you were using  perhaps I should just take it?...Next thing you know his wife pipes up and gets nasty...so I turn to him and said..."Man her mouth isn't running right? because your a figure tip from having the State troops here to arrest you for theft...see the pics on my phone?"   He tells her to be quite and go in the trailer...and apologizes...The guy that told him he could just go cut my wood ...wouldn't answer his door...So I told the thief he needed to have a talk with his friend and I was going to go home and decide whether or not to send the cops to his place...I had the pics as proof
These ppl didn't have squat to start with and rented the trailer they were in...I felt bad enough he was connected to the woman... so just left him to wonder when and if a knock on the door would happen....no ones ever stolen wood again[8|]
That spring they moved out ..it was vacant for a year and last year the owners tore the trailer down...to my relief

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: Predators

Postby Maxie Bordeaux » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:20 pm

I would have to agree with Dan, and say Coyotes. I hunt in Southeastern North Carolina and Coyotes have become quite a pest in that part of the country. I had a doe taken from me twice in the same morning by Coyotes. I shot the doe found her and then walked up to the house to get my drag harness and when I returned she was gone. I followed the blood and located her in a thick bay along with the Coyotes. I could get a shot so they got away. I got my doe to my skinning rack in an effort to recover some of the meat, however while I was in the house get my things ready for the skinning job the Coyotes came in my back yard and got my doe once again. But, I didn't let them have her, I once again followed the blood and recovered my doe. I was able to save the hams and about six inches of the back straps. In my opinion North Carolina does not do enough to promote predator hunting, especially Coyotes. Nor are they doing enough about it in general.

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: Predators

Postby bmorris » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:53 pm

While the human problem will always be with us and is very unlikely to change.
I do think one of the few benefits of the TV Hunting shows is to call attention to predator hunting. Granted it"s a lot tougher than some other kinds of hunting as I am finding out. But rewarding know you are helping all kinds game.

One of the by products of predator hunting is that it will greatly expand places for you to hunt. If interested I can tell you why.


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