WW's Question Of The Week #2

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RE: WW's Question Of The Week #2

Postby Deebz » Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:53 pm

The most unusual method I've ever hunted may not actually be too unusual to most people... I've only ever hunted from tree stands or ground blinds (ground blinds only a few times)...
This last shotgun season i hunted a farm with my wife's uncle where there are no trees... it's completely open farmground with deep waterway ditches (15 feet deep or so, but they were all dry this year) and a creek running throughout.  I was sent off to the west edge of the property by myself, where i kind of snuck through the ditch and glassed the fields until i got to an area where the deer had been seen moving through before.  I ended up shooting a doe after running through the ditch a couple hundred yards and popping up when i was close enough to get a shot off... reminded me a lot of trench warfare. 

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RE: WW's Question Of The Week #2

Postby Jslotter » Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:09 pm

When I lived in Northern Minnesota I deer hunted a plot of land with a very small woodlot and a deep pond. the owners found a huge shed antler there the year before so I thought I get their permission to hunt there even though there wasn't really any good habitat for them. the trees there were far to small and skinny for a treestand, so I dug a foxhole on the berm that surrounds the pond and hunted from it. I didnt see any deer but it was fun to sit in a foxhole hunting for deer.
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RE: WW's Question Of The Week #2

Postby USN_Sam1385 » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:35 am

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Ive hunted out of Kayaks during high water periods. Im able to move along stealthy, But before the kayak I use to slip along the banks about waste deep in water every ounce in awhile you would step off into a hole and get neck deep in it lol Hunted off threewheelers (bigred) when Honda first come out with those and it was legal. Let me see hmmmmmm. Hunted off Swampbuggies for hogs. the new thing in south florida and im sure swamplife will correct me if im wrong is spearchucking! they drive along till they see a hog then throw a spear at it lolol now THATS primitive weapons

you could literally reach out and touch a deer as it passed. Not much advance warning as to whether one was coming or not as everything was quite overgrown. The church is now a pile of old lumber full of rattlesnakes, so we don't hunt it anymore.

Boy you have got some big kahonies wading around in water like that in Florida. I would be afraif a gator would eat me. One of my buddies from the service was from my Louisiana and he would tell me about how they used to swm in ponds that had gators in them. That they would just be careful to keep their eyes out if one got too close. NUTS!!!


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