Dan's Question of the Week: Trespassing

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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Trespassing

Postby msbadger » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:04 pm

Land Nazi...Whoo..how did I ever miss this one...I've had several encounters and being a woman had a few step up on me when caught....imagine their surprise...when I went toe to toe.....I've been shot at ...asked who the hell I thought I was ....and told to go humm myself....They have been arrested ...video taped and the go humm my self...well He was hunting as a guest on a lease next door...he wasn't there this year and I found out he won't be back...see word spreads fast and I connected him to the lessee in every re accounting of what happened....Had a ECO call me the land gustopol (sp) when called in after I was nearly shot out of my own 16ft tree stand..I not so nicely kicked him off my property....they are not immune...for I sat on that a week before calling his boss...having him reprimanded....

Now I find this interesting considering the latest article in D&D hunting...that left me with the impression they think it's OK to go after a neighboring land owner or leasee for doing what they want on their own lands...just because it might disrupt your hunting?? Granted there is a difference between harrassment and the right to enjoy and use your own lands for what ever legal purpose you choose WHEN ever you choose...We had a guy that bad mouthed Mr B for 3 yrs because he decided to target shoot with his AK after work one bow season....went on and on that he did it to screw up the guys hunting....What???....he was in a stand a half mile away ...and I was bow hunting our property at the same time and tagged out on an 8pt...So who's the nut case?  should he have been allowed to file harassment charges...or have a ECO come down and warn him not to enjoy shooting because it's bow season?  This same guy was hunting on the edge of a back road...and screamed at a woman walking her dog ...she had no right to do so...because he was bow hunting...we are talking a road that the town owned...the article talks about hunters going after hunters...well if it's someone doing something not legal it's our obligation to do so...but it's also our obligation to know the laws inside and out...when I'm not hunting It's my right to mow my trails....cut fire wood ....patrol my property lines...and by God if...the guy next door hunting doesn't like it....let him set up in a different spot and the same goes for me...I actually have gotten really nice deer due to guys wandering around or driving by ....As far as trailing....I carry the phone #'s of all the ppl around me and put mine on my signs and personally delivered them to ppl as well.....NO excuses!! it's simple....I've called and have been called...the person that show no respect should be concidered a dog..as it were...Nazi your something!

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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Trespassing

Postby fr0sty » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:56 pm

I can relate to giving trespassers the benefit of the doubt.  My brother in law and asked a relative for permission to hunt his land.  The guy calls his brother, explains our request and the brother says ok.   A couple months pass and we contact our relative and get the contact number of the caretaker that watches their land.  We call him, drive up and he shows us the land.  We scout around and set our stands.  All was good.

A week before opener we take a trip up to check one more time.  I find my stand on the approach with a nasty note from the "other brother".  I give him a call and he reads me the riot act.  Guess he forgot the phone call a couple months prior.  Who knows.  I would have hated for my son's first hunting experience to be running into a pissed off landowner in the dark on opening day...

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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Trespassing

Postby scotman » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:39 pm

ORIGINAL: Dan Schmidt

Have you ever caught someone trespassing on land you own or lease? What did you do about it? Did you confront them? Please give details on how you handled it .... and if your actions helped rectify the situation (or did it make it worse?).

A story out of central Wisconsin this week shows where a line can be easily crossed -- literally -- that can indicates some people take hunting way too seriously.

According to news reports, a bowhunter had shot a deer and was blood-trailing it with two of his friends. The deer apparently jumped a fence onto land the hunter thought he had permission to be on. He didn't. The land that the deer ran onto was being leased by another hunter. When that hunter saw the men trespassing on the property, he allegedly held them at gunpoint until police arrived. A shot or shots were also allegedly taken, but no one was injured.

Police apprehended all four individuals. The blood trailers are apparently going to be charged with trespassing, while the armed man is apparently going to be charged with reckless endangerment.

Is it just me, or is this just really messed up?

Read the full story from the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

I agree with you Dan that it is "messed up".

A few years ago I approached someone hunting on our land. I asked him to leave and he said well I shot a deer. I told him "you can recover it but you have to get permission from my father who holds the deed". I pointed to my fathers house which was two hundred yards away and he shook his head and walked away. My father never met this guy.

Long story short the following day the deer was gone, with drag tracks at the same spot I approached the trespasser. He never called my father for permission. So Dan I really think their is two sides to this coin on one hand you have hunters that don't pay the land taxes and think they should have imminent domain to all property and on the other hand you have hunters that pay property tax year after year only to be abused by trespassers.

I think holding someone at gun point is a little over and above but they are trespassing and breaking the law. Not sure how the citizen arrest laws work but sounds like he needs a lawyer that does.
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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Trespassing

Postby Jslotter » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:03 pm

Where I live, all the neighbors are pretty familiar with each other and know the property lines. If you are tracking a wounded animal into the neighbors, no problem, get your kill and move out. Except for one neighbor who will not let anyone step foot into his woods for a wounded animal. It happened with our camp and another clan of hunters a quarter mile away. The guy is not gaining much popularity in recent years because of it. I asked the sheriff last summer what the protocol is on a situation where you have to track a deer in your neighbor's land and they refuse you permission. He says to call the DNR. So, I call the DNR to find out for sure, and they tell me to call the Sheriff Dept. . The regulations for Wisconsin says to call the Sheriff Dept. I am confused because the Sheriff tells me to go to the DNR with this problem. I will just follow the regulation. Same thing with trespassers. It seems like neither departments want to deal with it. I read stories on here that law enforcement is not doing anything about it. And you hear stories about guys shooting at lost hunters, trespassers, or running people off their lands with a gun in their hand. That crap is scary to think about. You would think there would be better control on trespassing and better law enforcement. Someone os gonna get killed because of some lunatic land owner is gonna open fire on some kid who got lost in the woods and didn't know where they were, and the landowner assumed it was a trespasser. Is that what its going to take to step up better enforcement? I hope not. Scary!
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RE: Dan's Question of the Week: Trespassing

Postby krawiech » Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:30 pm

well in our great state of nj the problem i had i posted on this websitenow as a result i wont call the police but i might try a conservation officer because the police officer that apprenhended the violator also damaged his patrol car in the pursuit yet nothing was done to the 18 year old for trespassing but for the motor vehicle violations they prosecuted him they pulled his license application and held it for a year they also confiscated his 4 wheeler but as far as the judges concern trespassing is not a big deal so no punishment was issued even though it was also hunter harrasment the judge didnt care so if i find another 4 wheeler unattended brcause the youth is hiding his vehicle is fair game for target practice or whatever i decide to do


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