Study: Crossbow Users Aren’t Newbies

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Study: Crossbow Users Aren’t Newbies

Postby AlleganBowhunter » Tue May 11, 2010 12:20 pm

I will say up front I am not against crossbows.   I am against the manufacturers coming into states and funding/forcing the issue.  If there is a group of citizenry that pushes for the implement and then the state DNR ( or similar agency)  can take steps to implement it. 

I am trying to reserve judgment until I get to read your story in the upcoming issue but based on the last email, I am starting to smell the stink already.  Regarding this "survey" please show me a link to the survey and the questions asked.  A survey from TenPoint Technologies regarding the use of crossbows is the same as leaving the fox in charge of the hen house, or asking a politician how well his failed legislation is working.  The numbers could be accurate but the source leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Plus wasn't one of the goals of cross bow integration for recruiting new hunters? 

Reading the above story I only see reference to "deer hunting" once.  All the other times it refers to just "hunting."  As in did they ask how many people have been hunting (any animal) before and morphing that into "multi-season deer hunters."  Don't know because I can't find the survey.

Either way, love it or leave it, crossbows are hear to stay.  I don't plan on using one anytime soon.

If you do, you and any other hunter, using a legal weapon for the season are welcome in my camp.
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