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RE: buckshot question

Postby RMc » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:06 am

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Don't be afraid of the buckshot, If I still have a tag to fill late in our gun season I go pro-active and jump shoot deer off the end of my boot. I've used this method often and succesfully with a specialty choke. It's called a PatternMaster. I couple this with 2.3/4 OOO because it flys faster than 3in or 3.5s and can be devestating on deer. Most never get out of there beds, but I've dropped them in there tracks at 60yds. Those are 36 cal. balls your throwing out there and it only takes one but that's rarely the case. Like others have suggested you have to pattern your gun and try different chokes and shell manufacturers to find what your gun likes.

Just use bigger buckshot than those little 000B! 
Below: Comparison of Dixie Tri-Ball buckshot (.60 caliber/325 grain pellets) with an equal weight of 00B (.33 caliber/54 grain pellets).
Patterns with Tri-Ball run < 6" at 40 yards with a full choke.


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RE: buckshot question

Postby LaCatahoula » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:26 pm

 Buckshot can be very effective. Just like everyone said patern your gun and see what it groups best. My Brother, Father and I all shoot Browning A5's with 30" full chokes and they all pattern diffrent. One thing that remains the same is larger buckshot will have more energy downrange. I shoot 000 and its very effective out to 50 yards.


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