Ammo Shortage

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RE: Ammo Shortage

Postby crazybull » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:50 am

I've been getting federal fusion for my .308 from a local shop and its running me about $23 per box. thats for 150 or 165 gr.  The biggest problem I've ran into is I recently purchased a Springfield XD 40 (one day I'll have to let my wife know I did this) and I just realized how fast ammo goes when your at the range with a pistol.  I was buying boxes of Remington 180 gr FMC ball for about 19.95 per box of 20.  But even Cheaper than dirt is running low on selection.  I ended up picking up a 500 box of BVAC 180 gr HP for about $156.00 with shipping and handling.  I'm thinking of taking up reloading at this rate.


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