Clarifacition on slugs

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Clarifacition on slugs

Postby Vikinghater » Sat Oct 17, 2009 4:17 am

OK I have went back thru all the shotgun slug post I could read and need some clarification on some things.
First I read only shoot sabots thru a rifled barrel.  I have also read you can shoot regular slugs thru a rifled barrel.  
Now the reason I ask is I have an 870 with a rifled barrel and have been trying multiple types of sabot slugs at the range. I have been getting a wide varity of results but have narrowed it down to two different slugs that seem to work in in this gun... The winchester super X 2 3/4 in with 1 oz sabot ( I accidently picked up a box of 3" mag also but I can't see much difference between them and 2 3/4 shells)  These slugs are rated according to the box at 1400 fps . 
 The other slugs ar remington premier accu-tip 2 3/4"  385 gr sabots rated at 1800 fps.These are a little less consistant butgood enough for me.  Now I bought this gun used at a pawn shop and I looked it over real good and the barrel didnt show any defects. 
Now I have a co-worker how just purchased a brand new 870 combo and asked me to take him to the range and help him sight in.  He shoots iron sights only and cant seem to see thru a scope for some reason but to each his own.  Now when he shows up he has 8 boxes of shells and every box is non sabot remington or federal ( they were only $3 a box he says!)  So we shoot every box thru that gun and these cheap rifled slugs actually group ALOT better than my $ 11-16 slugs!  I was led to believe you cant shoot non-sabot slugs thru a rifled barrel because the slugs are rifled already??????   Whats the truth ????? 

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RE: Clarifacition on slugs

Postby JoshuaBoudreaux » Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:52 am

As you've been reading, yes you should only shoot sabot slugs through a rifled barrel.

1. Shooting foster slugs through a rifled barrel can cause a leading effect, gumming up your barrel with lead, leading to a few problems.
2. A rifled barrel is meant for sabot slugs which will broaden your options to the higher performance slugs which excel tremendously over foster slugs. you should test several different groups of rounds to see which one your gun will favor.

You should research the twist rate on your barrel's rifling. the slower twist rates will print better results with slower slugs (lightfields, hastings, etc..) which many people completely swear by the accuracy of these slugs. a faster twist rate (1:26-28) will accommodate the faster slugs better on paper with incredible performance on game. winchester partition golds are a great start. also the remington corelokt ultra are great too, but try a bunch..

Also, foster slugs aren't "rifled", as the name rifled slug portrays. I'm not sure if the "riflings" on the slug actually imparts any spin onto it but the main purposes of the "riflings" or grooves on the slugs are to

1. reduce contact between the slug and the barrel --> reduce friction.
2. allow the slug to be compressed more easily if encountering a choke.

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RE: Clarifacition on slugs

Postby mgemmill » Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:33 am

I have found that my H&R 20 ga. shoots the Hastings slugs and the Remington accu tip almost identical. My 12 in same shoots Lightfields and Breneke golds identical. I always shot Brenekes in my smooth bore guns of old with great luck. Maybe the Breneke is designed for both ???? I try alot of different slugs and have found these accu tips work well and I can find them, hastings r cheaper but very hard to find in Delaware. Ohhhh GO VIKES, I also bleed purple, but I'll still try to help !!!!! [:)][:)]

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