Gummed up chamber

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CB on the run
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RE: Gummed up chamber

Postby CB on the run » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:09 am

I don't remember if the S&W 1000 has gas ports like the Rem 1100. When you take the barrel off check if there are two small gas ports(holes) exiting the underside of the barrel at portion that sides over your magazine tube. If there are run a pipe cleaner through them. On the S&W 1000 semi-auto there is a ring with a small pin on the mag tube, if you removed this and put it on backwards the gun will not eject/load a shell. Your owners' manual should state what to lube with but I would stay away from anything like WD40 as it attracks dirt and dries to a gummy residue. The Rem 1100(similar to S&W 1000) needs very little lube and I would opt for 100% silicone or a drop or two of Kroil oil and spread with your finger tips. You probably need to strip whatever your previously applied to the tube. They make that product for guns under various names and it is similar to carb or brake cleaner in the auto industry.
As Mr. Shaman states, you can polish your bore and chamber with a cordless drill, cleaning rod with handle taken off and Flitz or similar products. I use a cut down scothbrite pad(or #4 steelwool) saturated in Kroil and covered in J&B bore cleaner. The more passes the smoother the surface.**If the barrel is chrome lined do not bother.** Good luck.


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RE: Gummed up chamber

Postby rem700 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:23 am

The brake cleaner will evaporate. I would flash the shit out of it. If you can disassemble the shotgun i wound clean all parts. The guns I shoot a lot I disassemble once a year for cleaning and look for wear. After you flash it with brake cleaner then clean it with some type of gun cleaning soviet. Hopes #9 and oil very little. All oil will hold dirt.


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