200 yd. w/ thompson center omega?

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200 yd. w/ thompson center omega?

Postby SamPottsFan » Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:14 pm

Trying to get my muzzleloader sighted in and have what I know is a good load for 100yd - 150 yd range.
How high at at 100 yds should I be, to be on at 200 when aiming just below the back. I can surmise and probably find the balistics easy enough, but would appreciate any genuine thoughts based of past experience.  
In the past I was about 3" high at 100 and that put me about 1" low at 150. I then had to have my scope remounted, so here I am re-sighting in. I now have the chance to go to a range that has a 200 yd. capability. I am currently good left/right, but 7" high, next trip out should finalize things. The fact I had a 3-4" drop in the past, at 50 yds, concerns me when considering 200 yds.
Shooting 100 grain (Jim Shockey Pellets), 250 grain ultra glide shockwave sabot (thompson center brand) and 209 Primers (Remington).  
For the record, I seriously doubt I ever get a chance to shoot a mature deer at 200 yds where I hunt, but I feel I should get everything out of my gun I paid for. Not to mention, fortune favors the prepared.
Thanks in advance.  

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eagle eye
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RE: 200 yd. w/ thompson center omega?

Postby eagle eye » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:34 pm

I would recommend a few things that have greatly improved my accuracy with black powder.
[ul][*]I switched to a BDC Scope made for muzzelloading[*]I now use 150 grains of powder (3 pellets)[*]run a dry patch after every shot[/ul]I have found that this has worked very well for me. Actually this last weekend. black powder opened in Georgia and where I was hunting I could take a shot up to 150 yards. As fate would ghave it I made a shot at 17 yards and dropper the deer instantly.

Good luck
John Wojtas
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RE: 200 yd. w/ thompson center omega?

Postby shaman » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:35 pm

It's going to be hard to predict the holdover.  You will probably have to shoot it and find out.

You can predict it using POINTBLANK. It's free software you can get off the web.  However, you would need to know the velocity of the projectile and its ballistic coefficient. If that data is not available you'd need a chronograph to calculate the BC.

If that's not practical, then find somewhere to shoot at 200 yards and make the shot on a  bedsheet so you know for sure. Once you do this, you're going to find out exactly how steep the bullet's trajectory is.  You'll also find out how accurate you will need to be in estimating range in order to make a successful shot at this distance.  An error of more than a few yards will probably put you off the kill zone.
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RE: 200 yd. w/ thompson center omega?

Postby SamPottsFan » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:32 pm

I just remembered I found the ballistics on the e-net (PDF format) last year. Regardless, getting out there and doing it is usually is the best approach. Just thinking I could save some heartache with initial suggestions.
I know the yardage estimate is critical as ever, I do have a Lieca range finder to at least minimize that aspect of error.
Please keep the thoughts coming.
Thanks again!

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